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8 May


Mortgage Tips

Posted by: Darick Battaglia

Fake(ish) News: ‘Mortgage Rates Went Up Last Week

Real News: On April 27th TD increased their ‘posted rate’.

What’s a posted rate?

It’s the list price, the MSRP — you know that price that nobody actually pays…’rack rates’.

Posted is not Prime, Prime is not Posted – there is no connection between Posted and Prime.

So, what’s it mean to you?

Not much if you are in an existing mortgage. It’s really only relevant in two situations: you are either trying to qualify for a new mortgage (that just got a bit trickier) or you are breaking a fixed-rate mortgage early (as 60% of Canadians do) and well, you will now face an even larger prepayment penalty – interesting how the banks control that.

The unaffected: Variable-rate mortgage holders. There is no change to variable rates, and no change to variable rate product rock-bottom prepayment penalties.


Courtesy of Dustan Woodhouse, AMP – DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts