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25 Feb

Should You Be Concerned About Canadian Household Debt Levels?


Posted by: Darick Battaglia

Despite what you may see on TV, hear on the radio, or read online, there is strong evidence that although Canadian household debt is at an all-time record high, Canadians are doing just fine financially.

How can that be? Canadians are a whopping 1.8 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt – and that is exactly what the media focuses on. What they fail to disclose is that according to a recent report published by the Fraser Institute, Canadians also have $10 TRILLION DOLLARS in assets.

So for every $10.00 that Canadians have… they owe just $1.80. Now that doesn’t sound all that bad… It’s really a matter of perspective AND having all the facts.

So the next time you hear some doomsday report indicating that our economy is ready to implode in the next 38 minutes, remember that media outlets are more concerned about getting your attention than anything else. It’s not about the facts, it’s about the spin on the story. And seeing as though debt levels have hit new record highs every year since 1961, how can this still be news? Of course there is more debt… there are more people. Those people are buying houses!

Actually, right now, borrowing money in Canada has never been cheaper. We are experiencing all-time lows on some fixed rate mortgage terms and variable rate mortgages. So to answer the question, “Should you be concerned about Canadian household debt levels”… no, you should be concerned about your own personal debt level. Because that is what matters.

What is your financial situation like? Just as the economy changes, and life changes… your financial situation changes as well. It is good to periodically review your mortgage or financial situation to make sure that you are paying as little interest as possible.  That’s where Dominion Lending Centres comes in. If you currently have a mortgage and want to know if it is the best fit for you, or if you are working towards buying your first home, we would love to assist you.

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Courtesy of Joe Tomkins, AMP – DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts