We Bought a new home that was being built and had an appraisal done by our original lender.  2 days beofre the closing date.  The appraisal came back way below the value of the house.  We needed a mortgage lender that would see the true value of our home so I call Darick.  He rose to the challenge with enthusiam and had another appraiser at our house the same day.  Not only did we get the house appraised at the correct value, Darick got us a much better rate than we had previously received.  We worked with our builder and Darick and had the keys to our new home on time and everybody was happy.  Thanks Darick!

I felt ours was a different kind of need just being two years into a proposal. Darick not only got us a mortgage but also had the last two years of the proposal paid. We can now begin again with the help of Darick and Treena to rebuild our credit rating.

Darick and his team were very courteous and efficient.  From the quick response time to a personal touch. Darick himself came to both my work and home to make the process a smooth one.( Incredible guy. great service).  We send any and all people looking for any type of financial help to them.

Thanks Darick and team!
R and S F

Everyting was 10 out of 10

After a year of family difficulties and financial burdens, my wife and I found ourselves unable to climb out from under the crushing debt load that we had fallen under. We tried various lending companies and even approached our own bank for a loan or a renegotiation of our existing mortgage only to be told that our credit rating was too low or our debt-to-income ratio was not sufficient to permit us to take on another loan. When we contacted Darick Battaglia, we thought he would be our last hope before we had to consider possibly filing for bankruptcy. Darick was beyond incredible. The manner with which he greeted us, listened to what we had to say, and empathized with our situation immediately put us at ease. His detailed explanation of the process of refinancing our mortgage, of shifting our payments to a less expensive level and of paying down our debts was a breath of fresh air after months of being stifled under bills and notices. Today we have paid off our outstanding debts and have managed to secure real savings that have put us back on track. We would highly recommend Darick Battaglia to anyone who finds themselves in need of assistance to overcome the debt that is weighing upon them. My wife and I have never been ones to make this sort of claim, but the results Darick was able to put together for us were absolutely life-changing.

Thank you, Darick Please feel free to share this statement with any persons at any time.
Kevin B and Barabara H


Very Personable and informative enjoyed the whole experience


I was very impressed by Darick’s willingness to help, suppport as he guided us through this complicated process. Very pleased with his level of professionalism and respect he showed us.!
D-L Wy


Great working with Darick and team, very knowledgeable and right on top of things with regards to communication.  Will have no problems recommending  Darick to others. Thanks.
Keith and Marjorie M.


I really was doubtful that anyone could help me with my situation.  When I first contacted Darick he gave me hope and I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.  When I met with him he was very welcoming and I instantly felt comfortable.  After he informed me of my possibilities I was elated.  The entire process was stress-free and easy.  I would definitely refer his services to anyone requiring them and should I need his help again in future, I will not hesitate.


Darick took care of our financial needs during a very stressful time and his personal attention to our application from beginning to end made us feel like we secure and in good hands the entire way through.  No matter when we called, texted or emailed he either answered or got back right away with patience and professionalism.  I will not need another broker now that I have seen and experienced what a true professional is.