Darick and associates are professional, know the intricacies of their profession regardless of the difficulties you may be facing thus making it very helpful and comforting that they are working to fulfill your needs also to mention very prompt. When life throws you a curve ball Darick is there to Help!

I have had nothing but good service from you guys..Very happy with everything you’ve done for me.
Nancy L

:..”They were able to complete the initial steps within three hours of contact, whereas who I was dealing with prior was still gathering information. Darick had a lender arranged by the end of day. I would not hesitate to recommend Darick and his team.”

When asked why Customers chose my services here is what they had to say: ..was highly recommended because you would “get things done”

“My Bank was giving me the run around and making me jump through hoops so i called Darick and took my stuff to him to go over and he made me feel very welcome and put my mind at ease and told me I had no problem. Within 5 hours I had a call back an my new mortgage.
I recommend him to everyone that is talking about a mortgage.”

Mike and Tracy

Darick and his team were amazing right from the start. He gave me hope the moment I spoke to him on the phone to discuss our situation. Darick was able to find someone to refinance our home even though our credit had suffered drastically and will continue to help us once our mortgage renews in a year. We would reccomend Darick to anyone! He truly does go above and beyond for his clients!! Thank you Darick and your team for your dedication, knowledge and hard work! Angela L-V

When asked to take a moment of their time to share their experience working with me this is what my client said about me today: “All emails were answered within the day or the next. Reassured that everything would workout. Helped me take on 2 mortgages at once.”

Stayed involved yourself instead of passing the file to your assistant, who implied things would incredibly smoothly. I had a mortgage out on my home at an extremely high interest rate to repay a debt to my parents…

Darick’s team was able to get me a mortgage quickly at a very good rate. They are professional and very attentive. I am a repeat client and would recommend them.
Carla L

More Positive Feedback from Client Calls Today:

She said all is good for right now. She said she will absolutely come to you first if she needs you. She also said you are pretty awesome!

– He said you are the best. He does not have a mortgage anymore but will gladly recommend you to family and friends.

He does not have a mortgage but said they are going to try again this summer to buy a home. He said you will absolutely be the only guy they call for a mortgage. I told him to feel free to reach out to you if he has any questions. He greatly appreciated the call

He said everything is fine. He mentioned that you have been so helpful to him and he really appreciated your follow-up. He said to say hello to you and your wife.

He said he is fine for now. He asked me to pass on a thanks again to you. He said you were wonderful to work with and he will not hesitate in the slightest to reach out to you should he need you again.

He works closely with you so he said you are his guy when it comes to mortgages! He also mentioned that you did a wonderful job for him and he is very happy with everything.