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Mortgage Tips Darick Battaglia 4 Jun

The Dolejsi family needed more than just the purchase price of their new home. Their DLC broker made it easier for them to ask the “dumb questions.”

Lindsay Dolejsi and her family are finally getting settled into their forever home. The three-bedroom, 2,000 square foot townhouse in south Surrey, B.C., is the perfect place for the family of three, her husband Ryan and their daughter Violet.

“It’s just amazing,” Lindsay tells Our House magazine. There’s plenty of space outdoors for Violet to play and be a kid before she grows up. (Their daughter had spent the previous five years in an apartment, Lindsay notes.) But getting to this stage wasn’t easy.

After their bid on the home was accepted in March, the place needed a total renovation. Several months and thousands of dollars later, the work is complete. And the couple is quick to credit their Dominion Lending Centres mortgage professional for helping them through the process.

Our House: Why did you choose a mortgage broker?
Lindsay Dolejsi: I was a service adviser at the time for BMW. My broker was my customer and he sold me on [using] a mortgage broker. When we had bought a pre-sale they kind of set it up for you and so he said he could do better than that. So he did! He came in with better numbers. My mother-in-law at the time was trying to get a mortgage on the pre-sale plus her house, so he happened to come up with two mortgages [including] hers. Basically I met someone who was a mortgage broker and that’s how I learned about having a mortgage broker.

OH: How was your experience working with a mortgage broker?
LD: He helped us out to figure out how we were going to get there and what that looked like. He’s helped us ever since we got the mortgage to now. It’s awesome. They do everything for you. I can ask lots of dumb questions and they just fill in the blanks.

OH: What advice would you give to someone in your situation?
LD: I think there’s a lot of people who don’t think they would qualify or don’t know what it takes. I have a couple of friends who are late in the game, but I know they have a good amount down and they’re scared. Just talk to somebody. Find someone you connect with, mortgage-wise, and it flows from there. Don’t be afraid to just ask questions and see. It’s better than asking a bank. A lot of people think you have to go through a bank and it’s not as personal.

Courtesy of Jeremy Deutsch, Lead Writer – Dominion Lending Centres