Hey Darick,

Please thank Treena for her message to me and her advice. I paid the maximum 10% as she advised. My mortgage is now under $100,000, I am so proud that I kept my house.

Please let her know my girls are thriving. I work as a supply teacher everyday and love it.

I have wonderful students that welcome me. Most classes are repeats so I have a good relationship with many schools. I hope you guys are well. I love that you have helped my parents, me, Phil and my sister with mortgages.

I hope you are both well.
Stephanie D.

“WOW!!!! what a speedy response, guess I have been with …..bank for too long! Crap it takes 7 days to even get a reply from them!!!

Testimonial Today:

We have the 15% and potentially more by the end of the three month expiration for our RSP.

Thank you so much! You have put us in the right direction and we will definitely come to you when it is time to purchase which shouldn’t be too long from now (fingers crossed).

We really appreciate your help.


Hello Darick and Treena,

Just want to drop a quick line to say thank you for everything. I am now moved into my new condo and I am grateful for your assistance.

I know that there is no Bank or Financial Institution who would have spent their Sunday afternoon preparing documents and communicating with their clients. Further to that, my interest rate is fantastic!

Thank you so much for helping me move into this next phase of my life.

Christeen R

Hey Darick

We are  almost there.  I have to say you do have great customer service.
Marlene G.

As always we’ll be sure to recommend you in the future, but no more moves for us 🙂 For once, we’d like to actually ride out a five year term!!!
Thanks, Heather


THANK YOU! Really appreciate it, as the other mortgage option would have cost us a lot more money.

Hi Treena and Darick, I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for all you’re help with our new mortgage! I don’t know how you did it, with me being in the somewhat tricky position of not being self-employed very long, but everything worked out in the end without a hitch.

Working with Darick makes what is an overwhelming and intimidating experience become a more pleasant one! Darick’s professionalism and genuine concern for his clients is top Notch! Thank you.

Another great testimonial today: “Our first experience was as a first time buyer and we were treated like people. This was very new to us and Darick went well and beyond to explain us the process. He provided us with all the possible options and what would work best for us. This is why we choose to return”